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Koltsovo International Airport isasocially responsible company with well-defined social policy which takes into account interests ofitsemployees andresidents ofEkaterinburg andKoltsovo area. Millions ofrubles areinvested annually tosupport cultural andreligious institutions, sport funds organizations whose contribution tothesociety progress ishard tooverestimate.

Thus, in 2009 Koltsovo International Airport contributed financial aid to Maly Istok* Orphan Home, Army and Navy Aid Fund, Sverdlovsk Region Ping-Pong Federation, Novo-Tikhvinsky Convent, Ekaterinburg ROSTO Aviasportclub. Charitable donation was contributed to school 92 located in Koltsovo area and Theotokos Kasperovskaya Church. It should be noted that the Church construction was sponsored by Koltsovo Airport and its base airline in 2006, and it has become a place where orthodox Koltsovo residents can come for blessing and consolation. This is the first church ever built in proximity to the airport.

In fact, Koltsovo Airport provides support to Ekaterinburg residents in various ways. All the cultural and sport events, public festivals and celebrations in Koltsovo area are sponsored by the Airport. Russian Air Force Day, a favorite festival of both airmen and Koltsovo tenants , has become a traditional present of the airport. The airport among other things provides financial assistance to Oktyabrsky District (to which it belongs as a territory).

The Airport authority cares about its veterans. They receive annual financial aid for national holidays and subscription to the Oblastnaya Gazeta newspaper.

One of the key directions in social activity of the airport is to create hospitable environment for passengers and to ensure a unique identity of Koltsovo among other international airports. To achieve these goals the terminal interior is regularly adorned with various installations making it more emotional, inspired, and vivid. Thus, in 2007 the airport terminals were decorated with round-shaped works performed by artists and photographers from five continents of the world. In 2009 mobile exposition In Family Unity Nation Unity devoted to traditional family values was displayed in the airport terminals.

*located nearby the airport

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