Koltsovo Airport History

Koltsovo Airport history isáclosely connected with Koltsovo military aerodrome development. Theáaerodrome construction began iná1928 with building ofáaácontrol house, barracks andáframed houses with wall insulation foráAiráForce airástaff ofáRedáArmy.

In December 1932 the 33th air division was relocated from the Air Force of Privolzhsky Military District to Koltsovo by jets R-5. In December 1939 it was directed to the Finnish front line.

On the 22th June, on the day the Great Patriotic War began, an ambitious building of a hard-surface runway began to be built on Koltsovo aerodrome. The 1000 meters runway was built in recordingly short terms ľ within three months.

In October 1941 the Research Institute of Red Army Air Force which was testing new types of jets was evacuated to Koltsovo. On the 15th of May 1942 the first in the world jet engine fighter BI-1 took off the aerodrome. This event began the age of jet engine flights in the world air operating. A pilot of the BI-1 was captain Grigory Bakhchivadzhi. Grigori Yakovlevich took six flights by a unique for its time jet. However the seventh one was the last in his life. During maximum speed testing the fighter crashed. In memory of this a stela with a plane model was erected in the airport square, and a bust of Soviet Union Hero captain Grigori Bakhchivadzhi was fixed in the airmen settlement nearby.

In 1943 the Research Institute of Red Army Air Force was decided to signed away to civil aviation. The 10th of July 1943 is a birthday of civil Koltsovo Airport. The airport was to be under command of the Northeast Air Transport Magistral źMoscow-Uetkal╗. For the first time in our country history Air Force and Civil Air Fleet were integrated.

The mission of the airport that years was to keep delivery of Siberian aviation plantsĺ military airplanes and American fighters, bomber aircrafts and transport SI-47 through secret route źFerbenks (Alyaska) ľ Uetkal (Chukotka) ľ Moscow╗. Another strategic mission of the war time was to support flights of transport aircraft by order of the Ural military-industrial complex.

In January 1944 Koltsovo Airport hold two airplanes LI-2 and two trophy ôYunkersö. At the end of the War there was a boom in transportations. As a result the third and later (after the War) the 17th air division was set up.

In summer 1945 after the victory in the War with Germany it was necessary to relocate air equipment from the West to the East ľ to the war front with Japan.

Those intense years the airport staff provided high safety for flights. There were no crashes or accidents that years.

The main stages of the post-war airport development:

  • In 1946 theáairport staff built aátemporary instrument-landing system (TILS) ináterms ofávoluntary work.
  • In 1951 theáfirst Koltsovo airfield rebuilding wasácomplete.
  • In September 1952 theá3dáandátheá17th air division were combined into the 120th airtransport division.
  • In October 1954 aánewápassenger terminal wasáputáinto operation (today itáisáBusiness Terminal ľ theábuilding with aáspire ľ aáprominent symbol ofáSverdlovsk-Ekaterinburg).
  • In 1956 theásecond aerodrome rebuilding wasácomplete (the runway wasástrengthen toáland aircrafts TU-104 andáIL-18 weight).
  • From theá1956 regular flights ofátheáfirst passenger jetliner TU-104 andáairplane IL-18 were started.
  • On theá1st ofáJanuary 1963 Sverdlovsk united air group of the Ural Civil Airports Office was organized.
  • On theá25th of March the first regular flight from Domodedovo Airport en-route Moscow (Domodedovo) -áSverdlovsk - Moscow (Domodedovo) was carried out by the plane TU-104 of Aeroflot airline.
  • On theá1st ofáJanuary 1967 a new build-on to the air-terminal complex was put into operation (today there is a new international terminal on that place).
  • Since February 1973 flights byáTU-154 hasábeen carrying outátoáandáfrom Koltsovo.
  • On theá6th of March 1987 state commission accepted the second runway.
  • Since July, 1987 regular flights byáIL-86 hasástarted toábeácarried outáináKoltsovo.
  • In 1991 theáSverdlovsk united airágroup ofátheáUral Civil Airports Office wasáreformed toátheáFirst Sverdlovsk Airline.
  • In October 1993 Koltsovo Airport waságranted theástatus ôinternationalö.
  • In theá28th of December 1993 as a result of the First Sverdlovsk Airline separation and privatization two joint-stock companies were organized: open joint stock company (today JSC) ôKoltsovo Airportö and OJSC airline ôUral Airlinesö. As a result the airport obtained into ownership all the facilities including social facilities ľ accommodation, children's pre-school institutions, a medical unit, astadium, a cultural center, medical flight-expert ˝ommission.
  • In 2003 anáimplement ofátheáairport development asáaáhubáProgram wasástarted with theásupport ofáRussian Federation Ministry ofáTransport, Sverdlovsk Region Government andátheáRenova Group. Investment into theáKoltsovo large scale reconstruction ofá2003-2009 years estimated about 12ábillion RUR: private investments totaled 8ábillion RURá(toátheáair-terminal complex development andátechnical reequipment ofáservices), state investments totaled 4ábillion RURá(toárebuild aerodrome pavement andácontrol tower building).

New projects:

  • 2005 ľ Catering (capacity ľ 10áthousands rations peráday, project cost ľ 95ámlnáRUR).
  • 2005 -áInternational Airlines Terminal (capacity ľ 600ápassengers peráhour, square ľ 15400 sq.m., project cost ľ 940ámlnáRUR).
  • 2006 -áBusiness Terminal reconstruction (106 mlnáRUR).
  • 2007 -áDomestic Airlines Terminal (capacity ľ 1000 passengers peráhour, square ľ 19á600ásq.m., project cost ľ 1áblná236ámlnáRUR).
  • 2008 ľ newárailway station źKoltsovo Airport╗ andálaunch ofáaeroexpress connected with Ekaterinburg center (PPP, project cost ľ 450ámlnáRUR).
  • 2009 ľ newáInternational Airlines Terminal (capacity ľ 1600 passengers peráhour, square ľ 45á000ásq.m., project cost ľ 2áblná860ámlnáRUR).
  • 2009 ľ theáfirst stage ofáaerodrome pavement rebuilding (federal funds).
  • 2009 ľ airánavigation complex ľ control tower (federal funds).
  • 2009 ľ angelo Airport Hotel Ekaterinburg wasáputáinto operation.

Since 1950 till 2009 about 65 mln passengers and about 1,5 mln tons of cargo were departed from Koltsovo. But it is only about a half of served passengers and cargo! The fact is that until 1997 there were no official statistics on arrival - Planning-and-Economic Departments of airports took into account only departing passengers, mail and cargo, and that means that the numbers can be doubled. In 2008 for the first time in 15 years the airport achieved the rate of 2,5 mln passengers (2á529á395 people).

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