Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Hello. On your website a friendly online flight information is available. Can you, please, tell is the indicated arrival time local?

Answer: Indicated time of arrival and departure of flights is local, i.e. Ekaterinburg time.

Question: What can I do at Koltsovo when in transfer?

Answer: You will not have much free time, because the time of transfer is an interval between arrival of your aircraft at Koltsovo and subsequent departure, and this interval includes the time of aircraft taxiing and the time required for your exit in the terminal and boarding the plane. However, we hope you will enjoy:

- shopping,

- sitting in a cafe or bar,

- choosing press and literature,

- using Wi-Fi Internet,

- using smoking area,

- just relaxing after the flight, watching TV.

Question: Why is Koltsovo better than the other airports?


1. Look at the map. Through Koltsovo - closer and faster.

2. Ekaterinburg is always open in any weather: modern runways and navigation aids enable the airport to be almost independent of meteorological conditions and serve flights in any weather.

3. Koltsovo has a large modern comfortable hospitable terminal with no rush and where you are always welcome.

4. We are constantly monitoring the market and working with the airlines to offer you the most competitive tariffs and convenient routes.

5. Flights to our airport are performed by the best airlines on reliable and safe aircraft.

6. We have interesting history and great experience. We are constantly learning to be able to meet needs of passengers and anticipate their expectations.

Question: Where can I stay overnight if I leave early in the morning or late at night?

Answer: Airport-Hotels Angelo **** and Liner*** offer rooms of different level of comfort and price policy.

Internet, Wi-Fi

You can use free Wi-Fi in the gate area, as well as in cafes "Sbarro" and "Shokoladnitsa."

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