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Ekaterinburg Koltsovo International Airport is Russias largest regional airport. Over 30Russian and foreign airlines connect Ekaterinburg with more than 80cities of the world and, thanks to convenient transfers at international hubs, with practically any place in the world.

In2003, the decision was taken to launch a private-public partnership (PPP) project aimed atlarge-scale reconstruction ofKoltsovo Airport supported bytheRussian Government, theRussian Ministry ofTransport, theGovernment oftheSverdlovsk Oblast andtheRenova Group. Thetotal investment inKoltsovo amounted toapproximately 12billion rubles, with 8billion ofprivate input (development ofterminals andtechnical retrofitting offacilities) and4billion ofpublic money (reconstruction ofairfield pavements andconstruction ofanewtower).

New facilities have been put in service: the Catering (10000rations aday), the International Terminal (15400sq.m, 600PAX/hour), thereconstructed Business Terminal, anewDomestic Terminal (19600sq.m, 1000PAX/hour), a newKoltsovo Airport railway station, another International Terminal (45000sq.m, 1600PAX/hour). Wehave completed thefirst phase ofthereconstruction ofairfield pavements, commissioned the navigation facility (the Tower) and theHotel andBusiness Centre, Angelo Airport Hotel Ekaterinburg (17000sq.m, 211rooms, aconference centre of1344sq.m, 12conference halls, anambulatory leading into theterminal).

During his visit at the time of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, which took place in Ekaterinburg in June2009, President Dmitriy Medvedev of Russia went over the upgraded air terminal and noted that Koltsovo can be the benchmarking model forthedevelopment ofRussias airports. With thenewterminals inplace, thetotal area oftheAirTerminal Complex amounted tomore than 80thousand sq.metres andthecapacity doubled to8million passengers peryear. Theterminals include comfortable waiting areas, transfer andtransit passenger lounges, enhanced comfort lounges, restaurants, cafes, shops, apharmacy andapost office. Theequipment used there ismanufactured byboth Russian andmajor foreign (UK, US, French, German) companies.

President Medvedev gave the due to the Koltsovo reconstruction project implemented during a short period of time, and emphasized that public-private partnership isthe right wayindeed todevelop thetransport industry ofRussia.

Koltsovo Airport is determined to continue on the path of development. Its plans include the reconstruction of the parking stands and the second runway, the building of the cargo village, multi-level car park, etc.

To become more than a regional point-to-point airport, to function as a full-fledged hub with a well-developed transfer and transit traffic map that is Koltsovo Airports priority task within the aviation strategy. The airport has everything needed for that: on the one hand, the favorable geographic position and a high business activity of Ural and Siberia; on the other, a well-developed airport infrastructure with ample capacities and a wide existing network of flights. Therefore, the priorities of Ekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport in201011 are: further development of the route network, buildup of an effective transfer capacity, especially through development of regional carriers and creation of good connections to long-haul flights, acquisition of new foreign carriers, expansion of bus connections with cities of Ural, establishment of a full-fledged bus terminal at Koltsovo, vitalization of cargo traffic and introduction of a multimodal transportation system.

The successful modernization of the airport complex, the hairline implementation of the aviation strategy, the phased development of the ground transportation infrastructure are factors that enable Ekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport to make a ponderable contribution to the further improvement of Russian air transportation and approach the goal of becoming a hub.
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